Red Delicious

Organic Red Delicious Apples Gift Boxes

Red Delicious AppleAvailable Oct. 7  through January

Sweet and Crisp, these fantastic apples are a long time favorite. These aren’t the rubbery flavorless “delicious” you have tried, but the traditional variety that gave it the name delicious in the first place. These are the delicious apples your grandparents remember.

These Extra Select Red Delicious organic apples are firm with smooth, clean skin and a rich red color.  One bite of this crunchy apple and you will remember why it remains a winner.

 10 lb. Organic Red Delicious
Apple Gift Box – $50
All prices Include Delivery


NEW: 20 lb. Organic Red Delicious
(Double Layer Gift Box – $90 delivered (10% off)
All prices Include Delivery